All Hallows Eve

Part 1: These people weren’t what I was used to. I knew this city. I knew to look up, watch my back, and I knew what I could get away with. Gentlemen and Thugs. That’s what I was used to. It’s who I knew to watch out for.

Whoever these people were…. It wasn’t something I’d ever run into.


Snake Eyes: Prologue

I didn’t need to look down at myself. I was covered in blood. My black jeans and tee-shirt did nothing to hide the crimson red that seemed to glow under the streetlights. In my right hand I still held a claw hammer. The handle was spattered with blood, the head was coated with it, and there some mushy bit of tissue hanging from the claw.

The Rocks

Mavis Michaels is a, tough as nails, freelance crime reporter. After writing an article about a jewel heist, the mob boss who organised it suspects that Mavis knows something his missing thug. A thug who just happened to safe guarding the stolen jewels.